Rock and Roll Revival

Tower Records

The classic Tower Records store on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is one of the legendary places I remember seeing along that street in the 1970s. Now it is coming back to life. And a little bit of those colorful times are coming back with it.

True enough, Gazzarri’s on the Strip and a number of other places that rocked with the hot bands of the day are no longer there. And many of the eateries that entertained rock stars and other celebrities with food and drink have gone their way also. But the Roxy and the Whiskey a Go Go are still there, the Troubadour is just down the street, and now Tower Records is coming back. It’s enough to bring some of those “What’s happening?” times within reach again.

In its new incarnation this store will be owned by the Gibson Guitar people, and will include live performances as well as selling instruments and all things musical.

Constructed in 1971, the Tower Records building was for decades a center of activity in the Sunset Strip’s vibrant music scene. The store’s walls were plastered with giant reproductions of album covers. Record labels routinely kicked off new releases by sending bands there to perform….

[Gibson’s CEO added] ‘Live music is a tough business, and it’s getting hammered. What artists need to develop their craft is to get exposed to an audience and not have to fill 10,000 seats. Hopefully we will contribute to bringing out up-and-coming artists of all genres’. [Quoted from an article by Roger Vincent in the Los Angeles Times.]

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