The Four Seasons Walk Like a Man

Four Seasons - Jersey Boys

The music of the Four Seasons makes the movie Jersey Boys come alive. This film had a chance to be a great movie, but maybe because of that it just didn’t quite seem to live up to expectations. The usual backstory about the guys in the band having personal troubles just never seemed to be all that compelling. But the music was fantastic.

Just seeing people living through those times brings back some great memories. And seeing old-favorite-songs get pieced together from guitar-pickings and random words until they come to life in the studio is amazing.

In real life, the song Sherry broke things open for the Four Seasons in 1962, followed by Big Girls Don’t Cry. Then the new year opened with Walk Like a Man and Candy Girl. In 1964 they rolled out Dawn (Go Away) followed by Ronnie and the memorable Rag Doll. After some songs that were OK but didn’t get to the top, they were back at it with Let’s Hang On! and Working My Way Back to You. When they cranked out Can’t Take My Eyes Off You for another big score in 1967, they really hit a lull.

It wasn’t until 1974 that they landed another great song with My Eyes Adored You, but the producer insisted that it only come out under the name of their lead singer, Frankie Valli. Even so, that was enough to get them going again. So the Four Seasons followed it up with Who Loves You and December, 1963 (Oh What a Night).

Fittingly enough, their last big number was Frankie Valli singing the title song Grease for the blockbuster movie of the same name. It got John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John started on the right foot and they took it from there.

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