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Kombucha Book

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Kombucha Tea

 Kombucha tea

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Book

Kombucha Phenomenon:

everything you need to know

about Kombucha tea for good

health and complexion


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Your Skin:

what Kombucha can

and cannot do


In 1995 Betsy Pryor appeared on national media from one side of the USA to the other, telling people about Kombucha. Although it was known to some degree in other parts of the world -- particularly Japan and China -- Kombucha was virtually unknown in America. That soon changed. Betsy let people know about the remarkable health benefits reported by people using Kombucha tea, and followed that by explaining the techniques she had developed for making and using Kombucha for the best results. Sanford Holst used his health experience to refine this massive amount of information into the clear and useful book which he and Betsy co-authored.

"Invigorating and delightful, Kombucha Phenom- enon clearly presents everything you need to know about America's new and popular health tea. To your health!"

Ray Sahelian, M.D.

"The definitive tea mushroom handbook has arrived! It is written by Sanford Holst and Betsy Pryor, recognized... authority on Kombucha and one of the first to bring it public on a large scale basis in the United States."

Holistic Health News

"Congratulations for a book about Kombucha written with information based on hands-on experience, integrity, intelligence and a loving spirit."

Authors Joan Wilen & Lydia Wilen

"Betsy Pryor, the founder of Laurel Farms, said...'We just want to make sure that people can acquire a safe Kombucha'."

The New York Times

Kombucha Phenomenon available here.



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Your Skin:

what Kombucha can and cannot do

One of the best windows into a person's health is their skin. It can be smooth, elastic and soft to the touch. Or it can have rashes, blotches, wrinkles -- and sag a little more each year. Many people say, "Of course those lousy things happen. You're just getting older." Not so.

Have you ever noticed some people age much better than others? And some teenagers go through huge bouts of acne while others don't? 

The most common remedies for these conditions is to put lotion on the skin. If it's very serious, some doctors write prescriptions for stronger lotions.

No offense intended, but that's like fixing wood that has dry rot by giving it a coat of paint. Temporarily it looks better. What's been cured?

The healthier, holistic approach is to fix the many parts of the body that work together to produce good skin. Kombucha seems to help the body do that.

What produces healthy skin? We don't want to get too bogged down in technical terms, but there are a couple of things you ought to know.

What you see as "skin" is just the surface layer. Doctors call it the epidermis. It's fairly tough and not very thick. Under it is a second skin layer called the dermis where the real action happens. The dermis is laced with blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands and the base of each strand of hair. This is where fresh skin is made.

When all's working well, the dry, tough, cracked surface skin wears away and is replaced by the fresh, smooth skin that grows underneath. If you want a quick demonstration, go watch someone with sunburn. Part of the top layer peels off in a couple of days.

Doctors sometimes accelerate this process by physically removing part of the top layer of skin in processes called "dermabrasion," peels, and laser reduction. A standard beauty treatment called "loofah" accomplishes a similar purpose by using a rough sponge to scrub off top skin. But if the skin that grows to replace it is also in poor condition, what has been accomplished?

Several people from around the country describe what happened to them when they drank Kombucha tea.

Norma from Holbrook, Massachusetts says, "My skin, especially my face, has become tighter and younger looking. I have more energy. I don't have that tired feeling when I get up in the a.m., and can stay up longer at night. I almost forgot, my hair has thickened all over. I have received a lot of compliments about my skin and hair....

Martin Landau was reported on the E! cable channel news to have seen a movie director at lunch and complimented the man on his new facelift. The director replied that he didn't have a facelift -- he was drinking Kombucha tea! So Martin Landau got a Kombucha mushroom for himself.

Hey, guys like to look good too.

Excerpted from:



with permission.

For more information:

See the book Kombucha Phenomenon.

Kombucha tea in bottles by Millenium.

Kombucha mushrooms by Laurel Farms.

Kombucha Book

Kombucha book

Kombucha Book

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