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Chopra Center - Deepak Chopra

The Chopra Center

Why try to make progress

alone when someone else

can help you -- and even

make it enjoyable?

The Chopra Center provides a number of services which are directly applicable to achieving a younger body and living longer. To find these we must pick and choose from among their array of offerings, which include medicinal consultations, daily classes in yoga and meditation, Ayurvedic spa treatments, and many workshops.

The Chopra Center puts into practice the many teachings of Deepak Chopra with respect to wellness. His best-selling books and lectures had presented his methods, thoughts and recommendations to literally millions of people, but many individuals requested personal treatments and instruction. In response, Chopra teamed with another doctor, David Simon, to create the Chopra Center in La Jolla, California during 1996. I remember that this original center had a comfortable, home-like feeling, and a number of smaller, interconnected rooms.

The treatments, classes and programs were so popular that more space was needed, necessitating a move to La Costa Resort & Spa during 2002, and the opening of a center in New York City.

Among all the Chopra Center's popular offerings, I found that the workshop on "Perfect Health" had the greatest relevance to looking younger and living longer. The six days you spend on site are filled with an immersion in actual treatments as well as learning, so that you gain not only understanding of what to do, but are physically better when you emerge from the experience.

Each day you receive an Ayurvedic massage treatment. Then there are classes in primordial sound meditation, stress management, and other mind-body healing practices. Each day also contains sessions on the seven spiritual laws of yoga. Herbal tea, snacks and fresh fruit are available throughout the day. 

The hallmark of the program is a detoxification process called panchakarma which helps to cleanse your body of accumulated debris. Those accumulations can inhibit body functions, cause premature aging of skin, and weaken the body's defenses against disease. The daily therapies you recieve gradually remove the toxins and leave you physically restored.

Also part of the program is a one-on-one consultation with a member of the medical staff. After coming to know your situation, they make recommendations on a course of action to bring better health into your daily life.

To make good progress toward looking younger and living longer, there are many things we can do each day in our normal life. But if you want a jump-start in the form of special treatment, personal attention, and fresh possibilities you have not tried before, then the "Perfect Health" program at the Chopra Center may be just the thing for you.

-- Boomerguy

Source: The Chopra Center.

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