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February 8, 2019

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Best Retirement Life and "Seniors" Issues


By and large, Boomers prefer not to be called seniors. Nevertheless most Boomers are already eligible for the age-55 seniors' discount at restaurants. And we keep getting those invitations to join the American Association of Retired People (See AARP).

The reality is that the issues faced by seniors, which largely revolve around living the best possible life after retirement, are coming up on Boomers' radars. And to get our boat into a safe harbor we need to navigate around those rocky issues. Hopefully we can do this before actually hitting the rocks.

Social Security sounds like a far-off issue, but most of us become eligible for Social Security payments when we turn 62. And many Boomers have already crossed that line. The main issue with Social Security is that you get more money each month if you wait until age 66, and get even more if you wait until age 70. The right decision for you may be different than the right decision for someone else. To get a heads-up on this, here are some good sources:

Surprising increase in Social Security claims

Social Security Administration:

AARP information page:

Of more immediate concern for Boomers is the issue of age bias reducing employment opportunities. Age bias is said to set in when one passes age 40 and gets worse at age 50 -- a standard which now includes 100% of all Boomers. The effect can be felt in lack of promotion, no offers of new employment and, of particular concern in the current economic crisis, unexpected termination.  (You are better qualified than other people at work, but they choose to let you go.) In the event any of these things should happen to you, be aware that you have a right to fair employment decisions. When biased actions are formally challenged, they are sometimes corrected. Not always, but sometimes. For those who simply accept it, go home and complain, the problem is never corrected. It's your choice. For more information:

Equal Employment Opportunity:

Time Magazine article:


There is a whole raft of other issues of interest to Boomers, including health insurance, Medicare, 401Ks, IRAs, long term care, living trusts, and many others. These will be addressed in future updates. Some things can be dealt with early to get them in better shape -- for others it is good to be prepared before being faced with sudden decisions. 

On a more positive note, looking forward to that not-so-distant retirement can involve some good decisions too. When the day comes that you no longer have to live in a certain place to keep your job, where would you like to live? It's worth a bit of thought. Some are comfortable where they are, others want to return to a hometown, or go where it is warmer (unless you live in Phoenix), or where it is less expensive so fixed incomes go further.

Home prices have largely recovered in most parts of America and the world. Older Boomers may want to give some serious thought to what size house they need now that the kids are grown. Those who can afford it might want to get that dream house or condo now, and rent it out until you can kiss that rush-hour traffic goodbye. Younger Boomers who can perhaps afford a little less might at least get some vacant property in a great area, with the happy prospect of building there some day. Those who can afford neither might at least put a picture of that dream home on the wall as an incentive to set aside a little bit when possible, toward making that dream come true.

Of course, those retirement years can also accommodate more rounds of golf, social events, and vacations. If those are not enough to fill out the day with things you enjoy, some people turn to service activities. There is something to be said for still feeling needed and useful, and with all your years of experience, you almost certainly are a valuable person. If a cause is interesting to you, check it out -- whether it is a large national group like the American Heart Association, or perhaps a small local group helping young kids, disadvantaged teenagers, or infirm older adults. Almost any of those activities would mean banding together with civic-minded people of many different ages and conditions. You would probably find they have a positive appreciation for your talents, and a place for you at the table. It's amazing how some of that kind of work makes your next vacation trip so much more enjoyable.

Plan ahead a little, enjoy a lot. It can be really good!

-Seniors issues for best retirement life

Venice, Italy - vacations for seniors retirement

                                                 Venice, Italy vacation

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George Clooney's

Dream Place

Since George Clooney has been talking about being 50 longer than most of us, it is only natural that he gave some thought to his dream home. Not being very good at waiting, he went out and bought the place. Or perhaps that's "palace."  Anyway, we know for sure that it is in Italy, and it's big. The  villa is located on Lake Como, in the little town of Laglio. It even has a name, "Villa Oleandra."

His dating life seems to have picked up since he got the place. A guy like that needs all the help he can get, right?

A little place on the lake, maybe do some fishing....

(See George Clooney's bio here.)

Our purpose is to help rebuild the Boomer community, and our justifiable pride in it, as well as to enjoy a better life for ourselves and those important to us. May all the best be yours.

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