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Your health is much more under your control than most of us imagine. Here we consult experts who share with us their latest insights and solutions.

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Live a longer life

Live a longer life

Live a

Longer Life

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to live a longer life

The ancient Greeks were so intrigued by the possibility of living a longer life that they believed in gods walking among them who lived forever. On a more practical level, they created health practices, gymnasiums and even games such as the Olympics to keep themselves in good physical condition so they could achieve that longer life. Today, the search continues for practical ways to live longer, and we have the benefit of a number of experts in medicine, nutrition, fitness and other areas to guide us there.

Deepak Chopra is a medical doctor who has traveled to the leading edge of health practices with respect to life and aging, advising us that "Although everyone falls prey to the aging pro- cess, no one has ever proved that it is necessary.... Protons and neutrons do not grow older; nor does electricity or gravity. Life, which consists of these fundamental particles and forces, is astonishingly durable; your DNA has remained much the same for at least 600 million years...." He explores this concept further in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

Dean Ornish is another doctor who has been willing to go beyond what his colleagues believed. He found a way to extend our life by arresting the leading cause of death, cardio-vascular disease, which leads to heart attacks. Doctors had believed that once cardiovascular disease took hold, it would continue to get worse until you died. Unwilling to accept that premise, Dr. Ornish worked with clinical trials of natural methods such as diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and other steps to reverse the deterioration. What he found was that "Instead of the usual course of getting worse and worse over time -- the so-called 'natural history' of heart disease -- the patients in the group who followed the program got better and better.... These findings are giving many people new hope and new choices...." The results are documented in Program for Reducing Heart Disease and his other books.

While some experts give most of their attention to our physical body, others focus on our having the right mental attitude to live a longer life. For example Dr. Wayne Dyer offers this view. "It is my belief that you have been taught the physical limitations of your own body. You have been taught what it can do and how well it can do it, how often it gets sick or injured, how difficult it is to stay at perfect health, approximately when it will die, and what diseases and addictions it can and cannot overcome. You have been subjected to what amounts to an indoctrination on your own limits as a physical being...." He goes on to suggest in Real Magic how we can teach ourselves to accept living a longer life as a natural state of affairs, and begin to live that way. 

By happy coincidence, many of the things which lead to us having a younger body today also contribute to giving us a longer life in which to enjoy that body, and enjoy the company of our friends, our accomplishments and possessions. We will continue to present the views and guidance of experts able to contribute specialized insights into the factors which can lengthen our life, so check back to see them here. 

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