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Updated October 5, 2022

The world's most complete list of


Social Leaders, Actors, Musicians, Athletes, Elected Officials, Business Leaders, Authors, Technical Innovators and Other Interesting People

Baby Boomers social leaders

Social leaders among Baby Boomers

This directory was recently expanded to include about 800 well-known Boomers. Their personal information now being added.


Name                Occupation, known for, born in year.

Paula Abdul - choreographer, American Idol judge, b. in 1962.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - athlete, basketball star, b. in 1947.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, ruler of Jordan, b. in 1962.

Gerry Adams - Irish politician, President of Sinn Féin, b. in 1948.

Scott Adams, author, creator of Dilbert comic strip, b. in 1957.

King Sunny Adé - musician, African style, b. in 1946.

Isabelle Adjani - French actress, Oscar nomination for The Story of Adèle H, b. in 1955.

Margot Adler - author, Drawing Down the Moon, b. in 1946.

Sade Adu - British singer with the band Sade, b. in 1959.

Peter Agre - physician, 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, b. in 1949.

Bertie Ahern - politician, prime minister of Ireland, b. in 1951.

Albert II - Prince of Monaco, son of Grace Kelly, b. in 1958.

Jason Alexander - actor, in Seinfeld and Pretty Woman, b. in 1959.

Samuel Alito - lawyer, Supreme Court Justice, b. in 1950.

Joan Allen - actress, The Crucible, b. in 1956.

Karen Allen - actress, Raiders of the Lost Ark, b. in 1951.

Lucius Allen - athlete, basketball star, b. in 1947.

Paul Allen - businessman, co-founder of Microsoft,   b. in 1953.

Tim Allen - actor, won Golden Globe for Home Improvement, b. in 1953.

Kirstie Alley - actress, won Emmy for Cheers, b. in 1951.

Duane Allman - musician, Allman Brothers Band, b. in 1946.

Gregg Allman - musician, Allman Brothers Band, b. in 1947.

Nouri al-Maliki - politician, Prime Minister of Iraq, b. in 1950.

Pedro Almodóvar - Spanish filmmaker, won Oscar for All About My Mother, b. in 1951.

Marin Alsop - conductor, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, b. in 1956.

Lyle Alzado - athlete, football star, actor, b. in 1949.

Christiane Amanpour - noted CNN correspondent of English-Persian heritage, b. in 1958.

Martin Amis - English novelist, Money, b. in 1949.

Tori Amos - singer and songwriter, 12 million records sold, A Sorta Fairytale, b. in 1963

Richard Dean Anderson - actor, MacGyver, b. in 1950.

André the Giant - wrestler, actor, The Princess Bride, b. in 1946.

Prince Andrew - British royalty, Duke of York, b. in 1960.

Princess Anne - British royalty, b. in 1950.

Desi Arnaz, Jr. - actor, The Mambo Kings, b. in 1953.

Tom Arnold - actor, in True Lies, married Roseanne Barr, b. in 1959.

Rosanna Arquette, actress, b. in 1959.

Howard Ashman - playwright, Little Shop of Horrors, b. in 1950.

Armand Assante - actor, won Emmy for Gotti, b. in 1949.

Rowan Atkinson, actor, b. in 1955.

Lee Atwater - political consultant, b. in 1951.

Bille August - Swedish filmmaker, Pelle the Conqueror, b. in 1948.

Paul Auster - author, The New York Trilogy, b. in 1947.

Tracy Austin - athlete, ranked No. 1 women's tennis player, b. in 1962.

David Axelrod - politician, senior advisor to Barack Obama, b. in 1955.

Alice Aycock - sculptor, b. in 1946.

Dan Aykroyd - Canadian actor, won Emmy for Saturday Night Live, b. in 1952.

Hank Azaria - actor, won Emmy for Tuesdays with Morrie, b. in 1964.


Kevin Bacon - actor, in so many movies that it inspired the game: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon; married to Kyra Sedgwick, b. in 1958.

Scott Baio - actor, Happy Days, Charles in Charge, b. in 1961.

Dusty Baker - athlete, all-star baseball player and manager, b. in 1949

Alec Baldwin, actor, Knots Landing, 30 Rock, b. in 1958.

Seve Ballesteros - Spanish golfer, ranked No. 1 in the world, b. in 1957.

Steve Ballmer - businessman, CEO of Microsoft, b. in 1956.

Antonio Banderas - Spanish actor, married to Melanie Griffith, b. in 1960.

Ellen Barkin - actress, Emmy Award winner, Switch, b. in 1954.

Charles Barkley - athlete, NBA all-star, commentator, b. in 1963.

Jimmy Barnes - Australian singer, Freight Train Heart, b. in 1956.

Roseanne Barr - actress, Golden Globe and Emmy winner, b. in 1952.

Dave Barry - journalist, Pulitzer Prize, b. in 1947.

Mikhail Baryshnikov - Russian-born ballet dancer and actor, b. in 1948.

Kim Basinger, actress, won Academy Award for L.A. Confidential, b. in 1953.

Angela Bassett - actress, won Golden Globe, Tina Turner role, b. in 1958.

Kathy Bates - actress, Academy Award winner for Misery, b. in 1948.

Meredith Baxter Birney - actress, Family Ties, b. in 1947.

Bob Beamon - athlete, Olympic gold winner, his world record in the long jump was unequaled for 23 years, b. in 1946.

Ed Begley, Jr. - actor, Emmy-nominated for St. Elsewhere, b. in 1949.

James Belushi - actor, star of According to Jim, b. in 1954.

John Belushi - actor, Saturday Night Live, Blues Brothers, b. in 1949.

Pat Benatar - singer, Love is a Battlefield, We Belong, b. in 1953.

Johnny Bench - athlete, baseball catcher, b. in 1947.

Roberto Benigni - Italian actor, Life Is Beautiful, b. in 1952.

Annette Bening - actress, American Beauty, Being Julia, b. in 1958.

Tom Berenger - actor, Sniper, Golden Globe for Platoon, b. in 1949.

Candice Bergen - actress, Emmy winner for Murphy Brown, b. in 1946.

Patrick Bergin - Irish actor, Sleeping with the Enemy, b. in 1951. 

David Berkowitz - criminal, Son of Sam, b. in 1953.

Ben Bernanke - economist, Federal Reserve chairman, b. in 1953.

Corbin Bernsen - actor, L.A. Law, b. in 1954.

Valerie Bertinelli - actress, One Day at a Time, b. in 1960.

Luc Besson - French film director, The Fifth Element, b. in 1959.

George Best - athlete, outstanding Northern Ireland footballer (soccer player) with Manchester United, b. in 1946.

Jeff Bezos - entrepremeur, Amazon founder, b. in 1964

Benazir Bhutto - politician, Prime Minister of Pakistan, b. in 1953.

Jello Biafra - singer, California Uber Alles, b.1958.

Maurizio Bianchi - musician, MB, born in 1955.

Len Bias - athlete, basketball player, b. in 1963.

Juliette Binoche - French actress, Chocolat, Academy Award winner for The English Patient, b. in 1964.

Larry Bird - athlete, NBA Hall of Fame, Boston Celtics, b. in 1956.

Clint Black, new

Shane Black - screenwriter, created Lethal Weapon series, b. in 1961.

Rubén Blades - Panama musician-actor, Grammy for salsa music, acted in The Two Jakes, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, b. in 1948.

Bonny Blair, speedskater, b. in 1964.

Linda Blair, actress, The Exorcist, b. in 1959.

Tony Blair - politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, b. in 1953.

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason - TV producer, Designing Women, b. in 1947.

Andrea Bocelli, Italian singer, b. in 1958.

Wade Boggs - athlete, Baseball Hall of Fame, b. in 1958.

Warren Bolster - photographer, Skateboarder Magazine, b. in 1947.

Michael Bolton - singer, songwriter with Laura Branigan, b. in 1953.

Barry Bonds, baseball player, b. in 1964

Bobby Bonds - athlete, baseball right fielder, b. in 1946.

Jon Bon Jovi - singer, songwriter, Golden Globe for Blaze of Glory, b. in 1962.

Bono - Irish singer, songwriter for U2, activist for Africa, b. in 1960.

Debby Boone - singer, Grammy winner, You Light Up My Life, b. in 1956.

Björn Borg - Swedish athlete, World No. 1 tennis player, b. in 1956.

Timothy Bottoms, actor, b. in 1951.

David Bowie - English musician, actor, aka Ziggy Stardust, Fame, Starman, movie The Man Who Fell to Earth, b. in 1947.

Bruce Boxleitner, actor, b. in 1950.

Terry Bradshaw - athlete, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Steelers, b. in 1948.

Kenneth Branagh - actor and director, Shakespearean plays, b. in 1960.

Laura Branigan - singer, songwriter, Grammy winner, Gloria, b. in 1952 (she later used 1957 so she would seem younger).

Richard Branson - English businessman, Virgin companies, b. in 1950.

Benjamin Bratt - actor, Law & Order, Miss Congeniality, b. in 1963.

Terry Bradshaw - athlete, quarterback, b. in 1948.

Arthur Bremer - shot Alabama governor George Wallace, b. in 1950.

Amy Brennerman, actress, NYPD Blue, b. in 1964.

Dan Bricklin - software developer, VisiCalc, b. in 1951.

Jeff Bridges - actor, Last Picture Show, The Big Lebowski, b. in 1949.

Christie Brinkley - model, represented CoverGirl for 20 years, b. 1954.

Matthew Broderick - actor, Ferris Bueller, The Producers, b. in 1962.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr. - businessman, CEO of Seagram, then CEO of Warner Music Group, b. in 1955.

Albert Brooks - actor, Broadcast News, b. in1947.

Garth Brooks - singer, Friends in Low Places, b. in 1962.

Pierce Brosnan - Irish actor, Remington Steele, James Bond, b. in 1953.

Dan Brown - author, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, b. in 1964.

Jackson Browne - singer, songwriter, Doctor My Eyes, b. in 1948.

Sergey Bubka - athlete, Ukranian pole vaulter, Olympic gold medal, broke the world record 35 times, voted world's best athlete, b. in 1963.

Jimmy Buffett - singer, songwriter, Margaritaville, b. in 1946.

Sandra Bullock - actress, Speed, Miss Congeniality, Crash, Gravity, b. in 1964.

Cliff Burton - musician, Metallica, b. in 1962.

LeVar Burton - actor, Kunta Kinte in Roots, later Star Trek, b. in 1957.

Steve Buscemi - actor, Reservoir Dogs, Con Air, Fargo, b. in 1957.

Timothy Busfield, new

George W. Bush - politician, President of the United States, b. in 1946.

Jeb Bush - politician, Florida governor, b. in 1953.

Kate Bush - English singer, Wuthering Heights, b. in 1958.

Laura Bush - social leader, U.S. First Lady, b. in 1946.

Susan Butcher - athlete, won Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, b. in 1954.

David Byrne, musician, Talking Heads, b. in 1952.

Gabriel Byrne - Irish-born actor, Miller's Crossing, Golden Globe winner for In Treatment, b. in 1950.


Nicolas Cage - actor, Leaving Las Vegas, b. in 1964.

John Candy - Canadian actor, b. in 1950.

Kate Capshaw - actress, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, married to Steven Spielberg, b. in 1953.

Irene Cara - singer, Fame, Flashdance, b. in 1959.

Drew Carey - actor and comedian, The Drew Carey Show, b. in 1958.

Eric Carr - musician, KISS drummer, b. in 1950.

José Carreras - Spanish singer, The Three Tenors, b. in 1946.

Princess Caroline - Monaco royalty, b. in 1957.

John Carpenter - director, Escape from New York, b. in 1948.

Karen Carpenter - singer, We've Only Just Begun, b. in 1950.

Mary Chapin Carpenter - singer, Come On Come On, b. in 1958.

Richard Carpenter - singer, with sister Karen, b. in 1946.

Jim Carrey - Canadian actor, Ace Ventura and Liar Liar, b. in 1962.

Nell Carter - actress, Ain't Misbehavin', b. in 1948.

Nancy Cartwright - voice artist, Bart Simpson on The Simpsons, b. in 1957.

Dana Carvey - actor, Saturday Night Live, Wayne's World, b. in 1955.

Steve Case - businessman, AOL, b. in 1958.

David Cassidy - singer and actor, The Partridge Family, b. in 1950.

Patrick Cassidy - actor, The Pirates of Penzance, b. in 1962.

Shaun Cassidy - actor, The Hardy Boys Mysteries, b. in 1958.

Kim Cattrall - English-Canadian actress, Sex and the City, b. in 1956.

Thomas Cech - chemist, won Nobel Prize, b. in 1947.

Michael Chabon - author, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, b. in 1963.

Marilyn Chambers - actress, Behind the Green Door, b. in 1952.

Jackie Chan - Hong Kong actor, martial arts movies, b. in 1954.

Don Cheadle - actor, Ocean's Eleven, b. in 1964.

Steven Curtis Chapman - singer, Speechless, b. in 1962.

Tracy Chapman - singer, Fast Car, b. in 1964.

Prince Charles - British royalty, Prince of Wales, b. in 1948.

Cher - singer, Sonny & Cher, b. in 1946.

Deepak Chopra - Indian-American author and physician, Perfect Health, b. in 1947.

Connie Chung - journalist, CBS Evening News, b. in 1946.

Cicciolina - Italian actress, member of Italian parliament, b. in 1951.

Henry G. Cisneros - politician, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, b. in 1947.

Tom Clancy - author, The Hunt for Red October, b. in 1947.

Marcia Clark - lawyer, O.J. Simpson trial, b. in 1953.

Roger Clemens - baseball pitcher, won seven Cy Young awards, b. in 1962.

Bill Clinton - politician, President of the United States, b. in 1946.

Hillary Clinton - politician, US Secretary of State, b. in 1947.

George Clooney - actor, won Academy Award for Syriana, b. 1961.

Glenn Close - actress, Fatal Attraction, b. in 1947.

Natalie Cole - singer, This Will Be, b. in 1950.

Bootsy Collins - musician, Bootzilla, b. in 1951.

Phil Collins - English singer, One More Night, b. in 1951.

Nadia Comaneci - athlete, gymnast, three Olympic gold medals, b. in 1961.

Jimmy Conners - athlete, tennis champion, b. in 1952. 

Alice Cooper - singer, "shock rock" musician, b. in 1948.

David Copperfield - magician and illusionist, b. 1956.

Chris Cornell - musician, siundgarden, b. in 1964.

Patricia Cornwell - novelist, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, b. in 1956.

Elvis Costello - English singer, Veronica, b. in 1954.

Kevin Costner - actor and director, DancesWith Wolves, 1955.

Ann Coulter - attorney and commentator, b. in 1961.

Douglas Coupland - author, Generation X, b. in 1961.

Katie Couric - TV news journalist and talk-show host, b. in 1957.

Courteney Cox - actor, Friends, b. in 1964.

Patricia Nixon Cox - daughter of President Richard Nixon, b. in 1946.

Marcia Cross - actress, Desperate Housewives, b. in 1962.

Sheryl Crow - singer, All I Wanna Do, b. in 1962.

Russell Crowe - New Zealand actor, Gladiator, b. in 1964.

Tom Cruise - actor, Top Gun and Mission: Impossible, b. in 1962.

Billy Crystal - comedian, When Harry Met Sally, b. in 1948.

Larry Csonka - athlete, American football, b. in 1946.

Mark Cuban - businessman, owns Dallas Mavericks, b. in 1958.

Michael Cunningham - novelist, The Hours, b. in 1952.

Randall Cunningham - athlete, American football, b. in 1963.

Tim Curry - English actor, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, b. in 1946.

Ian Curtis - English singer, Joy Division, b. in 1956.

Jamie Lee Curtis - actress, Halloween, b. in 1958.

Joan Cusack - actress, Working Girl, b. in 1962.

Billy Ray Cyrus - singer, Achy Breaky Heart, b. in 1961.


Willem Dafoe - actor, Platoon, b. in 1955.

Jeffrey Dahmer - convicted murderer, b. in 1960.

Beverly D'Angelo - actress, Coal Miner's Daughter, b. in 1951.

Jeff Daniels - actor, Dumb and Dumber, b. in 1955.

Ted Danson - actor, Cheers, married to Mary Steenburgen, b. in 1947. 

Tony Danza - actor, Taxi, b. in 1951.

Glenn Danzig - singer and songwriter, b. in 1955.

Tom Daschle - politician, US Senate Majority Leader, b. in 1947.

Larry David - comedian and producer, Seinfeld, b. in 1947.

Brad Davis - actor, Midnight Express, b. in 1949.

Chip Davis - musician, Mannheim Steamroller, b. in 1947.

Geena Davis - actress, Thelma & Louise, b. in 1956.

Patti Davis - actress, daughter of Ronald Reagan, b. in 1952.

Pam Dawber - actress, Mork & Mindy, Married to Mark Harmon, b. 1951.

Daniel Day-Lewis - English actor, won Academy Award for Lincoln, b. in 1957.

Paula Deen - chef and TV host, b. in 1947.

Ellen DeGeneres - comedian, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 1958.

Tom DeLay - politician, US House Majority Leader, b. in 1947.

Jack Del Rio - athlete, football coach, b. in 1963.

Gerard Depardieu - French actor, Cyrano de Bergerac, b. in 1948.

Johnny Depp - actor, 21 Jump Street, b. in 1963.

Bo Derek - actress, the movie 10, b. in 1956.

Susan Dey - actor, The Partridge Family, b. in 1952. 

Princess Diana - British royalty, Princess of Wales, b. in 1961.

Matt Dillon - actor, Drugstore Cowboy, b. in 1964.

Tamara Dobson - actress and model, Cleopatra Jones, b. in 1947.

Vincent d'Onofrio - actor, Full Metal Jacket, b. in 1959.

Tony Dorsett - athlete, American football, b. in 1954.

Maureen Dowd - journalist, won Pulitzer Prize, b. in 1952.

Fran Drescher - actress, The Nanny, b. in 1957.

Richard Dreyfuss - actor, Jaws, b. in 1947.

Clyde Drexler - athlete, basketball, b. in 1962.

David Ernest Duke - activist, Ku Klux Klan, b. in 1950.

Patty Duke - actress, b. in 1946.

Michael Clarke Duncan - actor, The Green Mile, b. in 1957.

Sandy Duncan - actress, Peter Pan, b. in 1946.

Christopher Durang - playwright, Tony Award winner, b. in 1949.



Steve Earle - singer and songwriter, won three Grammy Awards, b. in 1955.

Dale Earnhardt - race car driver, b. in 1951.

Dick Ebersol - TV executive, NBC sports, b. in 1947.

Prince Edward - British royalty, Earl of Wessex, b. in 1964.

Anthony Edwards - actor, TV series ER, b. in 1962.

Danny Elfman - composer, Oingo Boingo, b. in 1953.

John Elway - athlete, American football, b. in 1960.

Brian Eno - musician, ambient music, b. in 1948.

Enya - Irish singer, Orinoco Flow, b. in 1961.

Julius (Dr. J.) Erving - athlete, basketball, b. in 1950.

Boomer Esiason - athlete, American football, b. in 1961.

Tiger Espere - athlete, surfer, b. in 1948.

Gloria Estefan - singer, Cuts Both Ways, b. in 1957.

Emilio Estevez - actor, St. Elmo's Fire, b. in 1962.

Susan Estrich - lawyer and political commentator, b. in 1952.

Melissa Etheridge - singer-songwriter, I'm the Only One, b. in 1961.

Gordon Eubanks - software developer, b. in 1946. 

Jeffrey Eugenides - novelist, Middlesex, won Pulitzer Prize, b. in 1960. 

Chris Evert - tennis, World No. 1 women's tennis player for seven years, b. 1954.

Patrick Ewing - athlete, basketball, b. in 1962.


Fabio - Italian fashion model, b. in 1959.

Morgan Fairchild - actress, Flamingo Road, b. in 1950.

Marianne Faithful - British singer, b. in 1946.

Nick Faldo - English athlete, golf, b. in 1957. 

Chris Farley - comedian and actor, b. in 1964.

Farrah Fawcett - actress, Charlie's Angels, b. in 1947.

James Fee - photographer, b. in 1949.

Kenneth Feld - impressario, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, b. in 1948.

Tovah Feldshuh - actress, Yentl, b. in 1952.

Miguel Ferrer - actor, RoboCop, b. in 1955.

Lou Ferrigno - actor, The Incredible Hulk, b. in 1951.

Sally Field - actress, won Academy Award for Norma Rae, b. in 1946.

David Fincher - director, The Social Network, b. in 1962.

Carrie Fisher - actress, Star Wars, b. in 1956.

Flea - musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers, b. in 1962.

Peggy Fleming - figure skater, Olympic champion, b. in 1948.

Gennifer Flowers - actress, relationship with Bill Clinton, b. in 1950.

Doug Flutie - athlete, American football, b. in 1962.

Bridget Fonda - actress, Godfather III, b. in 1964.

Jack Ford - executive, founding member of Outside Magazine, b. in 1952.

William Clay Ford - executive, chairman of Ford Motor Company, b. in 1957.

George Foreman - athlete, boxer, b. in 1949.

Jodie Foster - actress, won Academy Awards for The Accused and Silence of the Lambs, b. in 1962.

Michael J. Fox - actor, b. in 1961.

Peter Frampton - musician, Humble Pie, b. in 1950.

Al Franken - comedian ad politician, Saturday Night Live and US Senate, b. in 1951.

Bob Frankston - software developer, VisiCalc, b. in 1949.

Jonathan Franzen - novelist, The Corrections, b. in 1959.

Bill Frist - doctor and politician, Senate Majority Leader, b. in 1952.

Squeaky Fromme - attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford, b.  in 1948.

Kathryn Frost - soldier, as Major General she was the highest ranking woman in the US Army, b. in 1948.


Peter Gabriel - English singer, b. in 1950.

Mary Ann Ganser - singer, the Shangri-Las. b. in 1948.

Andy Garcia - actor, The Godfather Part III, b. in 1956.

Janeane Garofalo - comedian and actor, b. in 1964.

Bruce Gary - musician, The Knack, b. in 1951.

Bill Gates - entrepreneur, founder of Microsoft, b. in 1955.

Jean-Paul Gaultier - French fashion designer, b. in 1952

Crystal Gayle - singer, Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, b. in 1951.

Gloria Gaynor - singer, I Will Survive, b. in 1949.

Phyllis Ann George - sportscaster, Miss America 1971, b. in 1949.

Richard Gere - actor, American Gigolo, b. in 1949.

Vitas Gerulaitis - athlete, tennis player, b. in 1954.

Andre the Giant - French actor and wrestler, The Princess Bride, b. in 1946. 

Andy Gibb - English singer, younger brother of the Bee Gees, b. in 1958.

Barry Gibb - English musician, Bee Gees, b. in 1946.

Maurice Gibb - English musician, Bee Gees, b. in 1949

Robin Gibb - English musician, Bee Gees, b. in 1949.

Mel Gibson - actor, Lethal Weapon, b. in 1956.

Kathie Lee Gifford - television host, Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee, b. in 1953.

Melissa Gilbert - actor, Little House on the Prairie, b. in 1964.

Danny Glover - actor, Lethal Weapon, b. in 1946.

Dwayne Goettel - musician, Skinny Puppy, b. in 1964.

Whoopi Goldberg - comedian and actress, won Academy Award for Ghost, b. in 1955.

Jeff Goldblum - actor, Jurassic Park, b. in 1952.

Bobcat Goldthwait - comedian, Police Academy, b. in 1962.

John Goodman - actor, Roseanne, b. in 1952.

Al Gore - politician, US Vice President, b. in 1948.

Philip Gourevitch - author, We Wish to Inform You...., b. in 1961.

Lon Grahnke - journalist, Chicago Sun-Times, b. in 1950.

Amy Grant - singer, b. in 1960.

Hugh Grant - actor, Four Weddings and a Funeral, b. in 1960.

Joe Greene

Richard Greenberg - playwright, Take Me Out, b. in 1958.

Wayne Gretzky - Canadian athlete, ice hockey champion, b. in 1961.

Alex Grey - visionary artist, Chapel of Sacred Mirrorrs, b. in 1953.

Ken Griffey, Sr. - baseball player, All Star three times, b. in 1950.

Melanie Griffith - actress, Working Girl, married to Antonio Banderas, b. in 1957.

John Grisham - lawyer and author, The Firm, b. in 1955.

Matt Groening - cartoonist, co-creator of The Simpsons, b. in 1954.

Jeff Groscost - politician, Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, b. in 1961.

John Gruden - NFL coach, won Super Bowl, b. 1963.

Christopher Guest - screenwriter and actor, This Is Spinal Tap, b. in 1948.

David Guterson - novelist, Snow Falling on Cedars, b. in 1956.

Arlo Guthrie - folk singer, son of Woody Guthrie, b. in 1947.


Marvin Hagler - professional boxer, World Middleweight Champion, b. in 1954.

Jessica Hahn - model, Jim Bakker sex scandal, b. in 1959.

Peter Hain - British politician, Leader of the House of Commons, b. in 1950.

Arsenio Hall - comedian, The Arsenio Hall Show, b. in 1956.

Deidre Hall - actress, Days of Our Lives, b. in 1947.

Kevin Peter Hall - actor, Harry and the Hendersons, b. in 1955.

Dorothy Hamill - figure skater, Olympic and World champion, b. in 1956.

Mark Hamill - actor, Star Wars, b. in 1951.

Scott Hamilton - figure skater, Olympic and World champion, b. in 1958.

Harry Hamlin - actor, b. in 1951.

MC Hammer - rap musician, b. in 1962.

Tom Hanks - actor, won Academy Awards for Philadelphia and  Forrest Gump, b. in 1956.

Daryl Hannah - actress, Blade Runner and Splash, b. in 1960.

John Hannah - Scottish actor, Four Weddings and a Funeral, b. in 1962.

Sean Hannity - political commentator, The Sean Hannity Show, b. in 1961.

Mark Harmon - actor, NCIS, married to Pam Dawber, b. in 1951.

Emmylou Harris, singer, won 13 Grammy Awards, b. in 1947.

Gregory Harrison - actor, Trapper John, MD, b. in 1950.

Phil Hartman - actor, Saturday Night Live, b. in 1948.

David Hasselhoff, actor, Baywatch, b. in 1952.

Teri Hatcher - actress, Desperate Housewives, b. in 1964.

Kayo Hatta - filmmaker, Picture Bride, b. in 1958.

Patty Hearst - heiress, Symbionese Liberation Army, b. in 1954.

Christie Hefner - businesswoman, succeeded her father as head of Playboy, b. in 1952.

Eric Heiden - speed skater, won five Olympic gold medals, b. in 1958.

Mark Helprin - novelist, Winter's Tale, b. in 1947.

Mariel Hemmingway - actress, Manhattan, b. in 1961.

Margaux Hemingway - model and actress, Lipstick, b. in 1954.

Beth Henley - playwright, Crimes of the Heart, b. in 1952.

Don Henley - singer/songwriter, Eagles, b. in 1947.

Marilu Henner - actress, Taxi, b. in 1952.

Barbara Hershey - won Golden Globe for A Killing in a Small Town, b. in 1948.

Tommy Hilfiger - fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger brand, b. in 1951.

Joseph Hill - singer/songwriter, Culture, b. in 1951.

John Hinckley - attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, b. in 1955.

Gregory Hines - actor and singer, The Gregory Hines Show, b. in 1946.

John Hoagland - photojournalist, covered Nicaragua, Lebanon, El Salvador, b. in 1947.

Robert K. Hoffman - businessman, co-founded National Lampoon, b. 1947.

Mike Holmgren - football coach, Green Bay Packers, b. in 1948.

Sanford Holst - author, Phoenician Secrets, b. in 1946.

Bruce Hornsby - singer, three Grammy Awards, b. in 1954.

Thelma Houston - singer, Don't Leave Me This Way, b. in 1946.

Whitney Houston - singer, I Will Always Love You, b. in 1963.

Ron Howard - actor and director, Happy Days, b. in 1954.

Arianna Huffington - columnist, co-founder of The Huffington Post, b. in 1950.

Felicity Huffman - actress, Desperate Housewives, Married to William H. Macy, b. in 1962.

John Hughes - film director, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, b. in 1950.

Helen Hunt - actress, Mad About You, b. 1963.

Holly Hunter - actress, Academy Award for The Piano, b. in 1958.

Isabel Huppert - French actress, La Ceremonie, b. in 1953.

William Hurt - actor, Kiss of the Spider Woman, b. in 1950.

Anjelica Huston - actress, Prizzi's Honor, b. in 1951.

Phyllis Hyman - singer, You Know How to Love Me, b. in 1949.



Iman - supermodel, maried to David Bowie, b. 1955.

James Ingram

Jeremy Irons - actor, won Academy Award for A Reversal of Fortune, b. in 1948.

Amy Irving

Steve Irwin - Australian wildlife expert, The Crocodile Hunter, b. in 1962.

Eddie Izzard


Bo Jackson - athlete, football and baseball All Star, b. in 1962.

Michael Jackson - singer, Billie Jean, b. in 1958.

Peter Jackson - director, Lord of the Rings, b. in 1961.

Reggie Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson - actor, Pulp Fiction, b. in 1948.

Rick James

Allison Janney

Ruud Janssen - Dutch mail artist, b. in 1959.

Jim Jarmusch

Elfriede Jelinek

Bruce Jenner - athlete, Olympic gold medal in decathlon, b. in 1949.

Ron Jeremy

Steve Jobs

Billy Joel

Elton John - songer-songwriter, his Candle in the Wind is the best-selling song of all time, b. 1947.

Don Johnson

Magic Johnson

Randy Johnson

Edward P. Jones

Tommy Lee Jones - actor, Academy Award for The Fugitive, b. in 1946.

Michael Jordan

Neil Jordan

Naomi Judd - country music singer, mother of Wynonna, b. in 1946.

Wynonna Judd - country music singer, daughter of Naomi, b. in 1964.


Daryn Kagan - journalist, news anchor for CNN, b. in 1963.

Karen Kain - Canadian ballet dancer, National Ballet of Canada, b. in 1951.

Phil Karlton

John Kasich

Gary Kasparov

Andy Kaufman - actor, Taxi, b. in 1949.

Julie Kavner

Diane Keaton

Caroline Kennedy - attorney, US Ambassador to Japan, b. in 1957.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy II

Wolfgang Ketterle

Chaka Khan - singer, b. in 1953.

Craig Kilborn

Val Kilmer - actor, films include Top Gun and Batman Forever, b. 1959.

Stephen King - author Carrie, b. in 1947.

Barbara Kingsolver

Natassja Kinski - German actress, Paris Texas, b. in 1961.

Karch Kiraly

Bruce Kirby

Kevin Kline

Tony Kornheiser - sportswriter, ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, b. in 1948.

Ron Kovic - author and activist, Born on the Fourth of July, b. on July 4, 1946.

John Kricfalusi

Tony Kushner


Osama bin Laden

Christine Lahti - actress and director, b. in 1950.

Jo Jo Laine

Nathan Lane

K.D. Lang - Canadian singer, b. in 1961.

Jessica Lange - actress, won Academy Award for Tootsie, b. in 1949.

Mutt Lange

Matt Lauer

Cyndi Lauper

Vicky Lawrence - actress, The Carol Burnett Show, b. in 1949.

Denis Leary

Simon Le Bon - English musician, Duran Duran, 1958.

Ang Lee

Spike Lee

Greg LeMond

Ivan Lendl

Julian Lennon

Annie Lennox - Scottish singer, Eurythmics, b. in 1954.

Jay Leno - comedian, long-time host of The Tonight Show, b. 1950.

Sugar Ray Leonard

David Letterman

Carl Lewis - track and field athlete, 10 Olympic medals, b. in 1961.

Rush Limbaugh

Magnus Lindberg

John Linnell

Laura Linney - actress, b. in 1964.

Ray Liotta

Heather Locklear

Kenny Loggins - singer/songwirter, Loggins and Messina, b. in 1948.

Melanie Lomax

Howie Long

John Long

Shelly Long - actress, Cheers, b. in 1949.

George Lopez

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - actress, Seinfeld, b. in 1961.

Courtney Love

Linda Lovelace

Nick Lowe

Rob Lowe - actor, The Outsiders, b. in 1964.

Lorna Luft

David Lynch - director, b. in 1946.



Elle Macpherson - Australian model and actress, b. in 1964. 

William H. Macy - actor, Fargo, married to Felicity Huffman, b. in 1950.

Madonna - singer, many No. 1 songs including Like a Virgin, b. in 1958.

Bill Maher

Karl Malone

Leonard Maltin

Barbara Mandrell - country music singer, b. in 1948.

Louise Mandrell - country music singer, b. in 1954.

Marla Maples

Robert Mapplethorpe

Cheech Marin - comedian and actor, Cheech & Chong, b. in 1946

Dan Marino

Branford Marsalis

Tim Matheson

Colin Matthews - English composer of classical music, b. in 1946.

Mary McAleese

Andrew McCarthy

Norma McCorvey

Dylan McDermott - actor, The Practice, b. in 1961.

John McEnroe

Reba McEntire - country music singer, b. in 1955.

Bobby McFerrin - singer, Don't Worry Be Happy, b. in 1950.

Maureen McGovern

Mark McGwire

Loreena McKennitt - Canadian musician, b. in 1957.

John Mellencamp

Alan Menken

Natalie Merchant

Freddie Mercury - British singer-songwriter, Queen, b. in 1946.

Angela Merkel

Jean-Marie Messier

Hayley Mills - English actress, The Parent Trap, b. in 1946.

Keb Mo

Alfred Molina - British actor, Raiders of the Lost Ark, b. in 1953.

Eddie Money

Joe Montana

Rick Moody

Demi Moore - actress, Ghost, b. in 1962.

Julianne Moore

Michael Moore

Thurston Moore

Tom Morello - guitarist, Rage Against the Machine, b. in 1964.

Masaharu Morimoto

Viggo Mortensen

Mark Mothersbaugh

Thurman Munson

Eddie Murphy - comedian and actor, Beverly Hills Cop, b. in 1961.

Bill Murray

Joel Murray

Dave Mustaine - musician, Metallica, b. in 1961.

Mike Myers


Martina Navratilova

Liam Neeson - Irish actor, Schindler's List, b. in 1952.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Bebe Neuwirth - actress, Cheers, b. in 1958.

Laraine Newman

Olivia Newton-John - singer and actress, Grease, b. in 1948.

Stevie Nicks - singer, Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way, b. 1948.

Brigitte Nielsen

Bill Nighy - English actor, Love Actually, b. 1949.

Peggy Noonan

Peter Noone

Greg Norman

Martha Nussbaum

Laura Nyro - songwriter, b. in 1947.


Barack Obama - lawyer, President of the United States, b. in 1961.

Michele Obama

Conan O'Brien

Tim O'Brien

Rosie O'Donnell - comedian, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, b. in 1962.

Michael O'Keefe

Hakeem Olajuwon

Gary Oldman

Tatum O'Neal - actress, won Academy Award for Paper Moon, b. in 1963.

Jennifer O'Neill

Bill O'Reilly

P.J. O'Rourke

Bobby Orr

Joan Osborne, singer, What if God Was One of Us, b. 1962.

Ozzy Osbourne

Donny Osmond - singer, Donny & Marie, b. in 1957.

Marie Osmond - singer, Donny & Marie, b. in 1959.

Tom Overlin

Clive Owen - English actor, Closer, b. in 1964.


Camile Paglia

Chuck Palahniuk

Robert Palmer

Sam Palmisano

Dolly Parton - country music singer, b. in 1946.

Ann Patchett

Jane Pauley - TV anchor, Today, Dateline NBC, married to Garry Trudeau, b. in 1950.

Daniel Pearl

Sean Penn

Bernadette Peters - actress and author, b. in 1948.

Tom Petty

Michele Pfeiffer

MacKenzie Phillips - actress, American Graffiti, b. in 1959.

John Piper

Brad Pitt - actor, starred with his romantic partner Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, b. 1963.

Valerie Plame

Robert Plant - English musician, Led Zeppelin, b. in 1948.

Dana Plato

Iggy Pop - singer, Stooges, b. in 1947.

Dennis Prager

Steve Prefontaine

Prince - singer, When Doves Cry, b. in 1958.

Freddie Prinze

Jeff Probst

Wolfgang Puck - Austrian celebrity chef, Spago, b. in 1949.

Kirby Puckett



Dennis Quaid - actor, Great Balls of Fire!, b. in 1954.

Randy Quaid - actor, The Last Detail, b. in 1950.

Dan Quayle

Patrick Quinn


Bonnie Raitt - singer, Nick of Time, b. in 1949.

Johnny Ramone

John Ratzenberger

Ron Reagan - news comentator, son of President Reagan, b. 1958.

Ralph E. Reed, Jr.

Dana Reeve

Christopher Reeve

Keanu Reeves - Canadian actor, Matrix, b. in 1964.

Rob Reiner

Ivan Reitman

Condoleezza Rice

Donna Rice - activist, Enough is Enough, b. in 1958.

Jerry Rice

Lionel Richie

Sally Ride

Cathy Rigby - gymnast and actress, 1968 Olympics, b. in 1952.

Eleanor Rigby (just kidding)

John Riggins

Cal Ripken, Jr.

John Ritter - actor, Three's Company, b. in 1948.

Herb Ritts

Tim Robbins

Marilynne Robinson

Win Paul Rockefeller - politician, Lt. Governor of Arkansas, b. in 1948.

Dennis Rodman

Henry Rollins

Howard E. Rollins, Jr.

Ray Romano - actor, Everybody Loves Raymond, b. in 1957.

Linda Ronstadt - singer, Stone Poneys, b. in 1946.

Axl Rose - singer, Guns N' Roses, b. in 1957.

Magnus Rosén

David Lee Roth - singer, Van Halen, b. in 1957.

Mark Roth

Tim Roth

Salman Rushdie - British Indian author, The Satanic Verses, b. in 1947.

Kurt Russell

Rene Russo

Richard Russo

Meg Ryan - actress, When Harry Met Sally, b. in 1961.

Nolan Ryan


Pat Sajak - TV host, Wheel of Fortune, b. in 1946.

Esa-Pekka Salonen

Richie Sambora - rock musician, Bon Jovi, b. in 1959.

Chalino Sanchez

Carlos Santana

Joe Satriani

Dan Savage - journalist, Savage Love, b. in 1964.

John Sayles

Terri Schiavo

Richard Schiff

Laura Schlessinger - radio host, The Dr. Laura Program, b. in 1947.

Mike Schmidt

David Schnaufer

Arnold Schwarzenegger - actor and politician, Terminator and "Governator", b. in 1947.

David Sedaris

Benjamin Sehene

Jerry Seinfeld - actor, Seinfeld, b. in 1954.

Ayrton Senna

Vikram Seth

Brian Setzer

Paul Shaffer

Tony Shalhoub - actor, Monk, b. in 1953.

John Patrick Shanley

Ray Sharkey

Al Sharpton

Ally Sheedy - actress, Bad Boys, b. in 1962.

Cybill Shepherd - actress, The Last Picture Show, b. in 1950.

Talia Shire - actress, Godfather, Rocky, b. in 1946.

Maria Shriver

Gene Simmons

Phil Simms

O.J. Simpson - athlete, American football, b. in 1947.

Vijay Singh

Siouxsie Sioux

Gene Siskel

Nikki Sixx - musician, Motley Crue, b. in 1958.

Sandy Skoglund

Claydes Charles Smith

Patti Smith - singer, Horses, b. in 1946.

Robert Smith

Jimmy Smits

Dee Snider

Steven Soderbergh

Suzanne Somers - actress, Three's Company, b. in 1946.

Sissy Spacek - actor, Coal Miner's Daughter, b. in 1949.

Kevin Spacey

John Spencer

Steven Spielberg - director, Schindler's List, married to Kate Capshaw, b. in 1946.

Michael Spinks

Mark Spitz

Bruce Springsteen - singer, Born in the USA, b. in 1949.

Sylvester Stallone

Kenneth Starr

Mary Steenburgen, Academy Award winnng actress, married to actor Ted Danson, b. 1953.

George Stephanopoulos

Mark Stephans

Howard Stern - radio host, The Howard Stern Show, b. in 1954.

Cat Stevens

John Stewart


Susan St. James - actress, Kate & Allie, b. in 1946.

John Stockton

Oliver Stone

Sharon Stone

Madeleine Stowe - actress, Revenge, b. 1958.

Meryl Streep

Joe Strummer

Donna Summer - singer, Hot Stuff, b. in 1948.

Rell Sunn

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutherland

Patrick Swayze - Actor, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, b. in 1952.



Mr. T. - actor, The A-Team, b. in 1952.

Amy Tan

Koichi Tanaka

Quentin Tarantino - director, Pulp Fiction, b. in 1963.

Brandon Tartikoff

Jack Tatum

James Taylor - singer, Fire and Rain, You've Got a Friend, b. in 1948.

Lawrence Taylor

Victoria Tennant

John Tesh

Vinny Testaverde - athlete, football quarterback, b. in1963.

Alan Thicke

Betty Thomas

Clarence Thomas

Isiah Thomas

Richard Thomas - actor, The Waltons, b. in 1951.

Billy Bob Thornton

Johnny Thunders

Cheryl Tiegs - supermodel and entrepreneur, b. in 1947. 

Randy Travis

John Travolta - actor, best known for Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp Fiction, b. 1954.

Timothy Treadwell

Jeanne Triplehorn

Garry Trudeau - cartoonist, Doonesbury, b. in 1948.

Donald Trump

Tanya Tucker

Harry Turtledove

Steven Tyler - singer, Aerosmith, b. in 1948.


Mark Udall

Robert Ulrich - actor, Vega$, b. in 1946.


Fernando Valenzuela

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Eddie Van Halen - musician, rock band Van Halen, b. in 1955.

Ronnie Van Zant

Suzanne Vega, songwriter and singer, Luka, Tom's Diner, b. 1959.

Guy Verhofstadt

Gianni Versace

Sid Vicious

Meredith Vieira - talk show host, The View, b. in 1953. 

William Vollmann - novelist, Europe Central, b. in 1959.

Lars von Trier



Lindsay Wagner - actress, The Bionic Woman, b. in 1949.

Tom Waits

Rick Wakeman

Darrell Waltrip

Sela Ward

Denzel Washington - actor, won Academy Awards for Glory and Training Day, b. 1954.

Ken Watanabe

Sigourney Weaver

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Pete Weber - athlete, bowler, b. in 1962.

Max Weinberg

Irvine Welsh

Reggie White

Vanna White - TV host, Wheel of Fortune, b. in 1957.

Bradley Whitford

Carl Wieman

Michael Wilbon

Kim Wilde - English singer, Kids in America, b. in 1960.

Barry Williams

Brian Williams

Cindy Williams - actress, Laverne & Shirley, b. in 1947.

Hank Williams, Jr.

Jodie Williams

Milan Williams

Robin Williams - actor, Mork & Mindy, b. in 1951.

Stanley Williams

Vanessa Williams

Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

Bruce Willis - actor, Die Hard, b. in 1955.

Carl Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Dave Winer

Oprah Winfrey - talk show host, The Oprah Winfrey Show, b. in 1954.

Debra Winger - actress, An Officer and a Gentleman, b. in 1955.

Mare Winningham

Stephen Wolfram

Stevie Wonder

John Wood

Judy Woodruff - correspondent, news anchor, b. in 1946.

James Woods

Stephen Wozniak


XuXa -  Brazilian singer, won Grammy Award, b. in 1963.


Wierd Al Yankovic

Trisha Yearwood - country singer, won three Grammy Awards, is married to Garth Brooks, b. 1964.

Dwight Yoakam

Angus Young

Jay Young

Steve Young - football player, MVP of Super Bowl XXIX, b. in 1961.


Rafi Zabor

Paula Zahn - TV newscaster, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, b. in 1956.

Steven Zaillian

Benjamin Zephaniah

Warren Zevon

Hans Zimmer, music composer, Academy Award for The Lion King, b. in 1957.

Lynn Zimmer - professor, marijuana advocate, b. in 1947.

Jerry Zucker - director, Ghost, b. in 1950.


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