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You are a Baby Boomer if you were born between 1946 and 1964. Together we grew up sharing experiences, special people, and great music. We also share current challenges and an open future ahead of us. 

Boomers Rock Again is the latest happening that started here. It's about enjoying our music and growing a little younger each day.

Browse if you like, share experiences if you can, complain if you must. This is our world, and welcome to it.


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Boomers Rock Again

There is something about our favorite music that draws us back to the younger days when we used to listen to it with friends, on dates or at dances. Listening to it now seems to be doing good things for many Boomers. Check it out! See Boomers Rock Again.

The Latest

George Clooney,

"Gravity" and Charity

The Academy Awards were good to "Gravity," in which George Clooney co-starred with Sandra Bullock. But in real-life he also created a remarkable charity that uses satellite photos to help stop human rights abuses on Earth. Good job by our favorite man-in-space. 

See George Clooney.

Our Interests

Boomers are Everywhere

"I've gone to look for America," sang Simon and Garfunkel in 1972, and the Boomers who took that advice ended up in all fifty USA states from Maine to Hawaii. So I've gone to look for the Boomers who are still hanging in there, and here's how many I found in all those places. Boomer men and women in each state.

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and comments....

I just found your website . . . I'm going to share it with my Baby Boomer friends. Thank you!

-- Brenda M, Morgantown, WV

I'm so glad I discovered Boomers Rock Again. My "listening time" at night is one of the the best parts of my day!

-- Nancy P, New York

It was a special place in time, to be growing up with the music. Close your eyes and you're catapulted back in time. Days riding along the coast road on my 650cc Triumph motorcycle, bike boots, white t shirt, and a pretty girl on back. Rock on.

-- Bill H, Maitland, Australia

I was there in 1972, helping to save the pier. So glad we prevailed. These days I stroll the pier with my children. Thankfully, they can enjoy it just as I did all my life. [Re: Santa Monica Pier article]

-- Morgan P, Laguna Beach, CA

Thank you for making me smile today!  I am a Social Studies teacher and was preparing lesson plans when I came across your site!  The music links are great and I will be using them with my students.  As a Boomer (1963), I have to admit that I loved living during those times. Thanks again!

-- Sandy S, Big Rapids, MI

Early Rock in the 1950s

We grew up with Rock and Roll, and it all started back in the Fifties. That was a little before our time, but the sounds of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and all the others rocked us all the same. See videos of original performances here  (free, of course) and relive the days of cruisin' to the drive-in diner.

Did You Ever Feel Like Protesting?

There once was a time when Boomers cared enough about events that we would turn out and protest in the street. More recently  images of people protesting in Iran, and even of a young woman dying in a pool of blood, have riveted the attention of some. Do Boomers care? Check it out here, and express your opinion.

What's Happening with "Boomers Rock Again"

It's new and it's hot -- and people are talking about it, so we will too. Letting the sounds of rock, Motown, folk and surf wash over you seems to be having a rejevenating effect on Boomers. Get the word on the thing at the place. Boomers Rock Again.

Beatles 1964


Special Program

Was Shown on

February 9, 2014

Wow--compelling video footage of the Beatles and crazy crowds (the rest of us). Who would have guessed Imagine Dragons could do such a great rendition of Revolution?  To John, Paul, George and RIngo . . . Thanks! See Beatles Songs and Boomers' Days.


Our Music, People and Interests

In these pages you find the music you love, people you know, and issues that affect your life today. Born during the Baby Boom years, our life is not just about where we've been, it's about where we are now, the things we're dealing with, and maybe finding some ways to make what comes next a little better. 

Some of your favorite songs in the whole world are here. The ones to which you danced half the night, romanced the other half, and lived all day. People who you knew then are still around somewhere. Some of the more prominent ones are tracked down here, to let us see where they were and where they are. Most of the people we grew up with, well known or just best friends, are still out there, waiting to answer their cell phone and give you a hard time for not calling them in so many years. Being connected made life easier then. Being connect- ed can make life easier now. Whether it's old friends or new, it's great to be in touch with people who shared the growing-up experiences with you.

We shared a strong feeling of closeness back then. You may still remember the concerts, the activities at school, the clubs, and the dancing in crowded places with people who shared that feeling. Over the years, we went to work, and started our family -- and that shared feeling became more diffuse. As we approach the years when we stop working for others and get back to what we want to do, many Boomers are reviving some of that joy of life. It's reawakening the feeling that we can do things -- and maybe make a difference with others and in the world around us.

Other Boomers are all around us.  Barack Obama is the third consecutive Boomer to be President of the United States.  Condoleezza Rice was the first of two Boomers to be the U.S. Secretary of State.  George Clooney and Brad Pitt made contributions in movies, while Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Cher did the same in music.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs jump-started the home computer revolution. Medical doctors Deepak Chopra and Dean Ornish made their marks in the health field.  In a lower stratosphere, I have written a few books and plan to keep on presenting research papers at universities. We may retire from working for others, but we can always be active working at what we love to do -- whether it is a golf swing, a book, a new career, or being a mentor to a troubled kid.  As Boomers, we are approaching the freedom that lets us take more control of our life, have a bit of fun, and maybe make a real difference.  

Still Doing It

Stuck away here somewhere are pages on people you may

recognize.  Would you believe Bob Dylan is still writing songs?  Bill Gates is still running his start-up business, Micro-whatever.  And Sigourney Weaver still exercises her inalienable right to make movies.

Good, back in the day, and still pretty good today. Them, and us.

Boomers Life:

music, people and issues of interest to Boomers