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Welcome to one of the popular Baby Boomer sites on the web. It is hosted by well known Boomer advocate Sanford Holst who champions Boomer pride and enjoyment of life. He is the author of Boomers Rock Again.

Everyone born between 1946 and 1964 is a Boomer just like us. And even though we may have challenges facing us, we also have an open future ahead. So choose to enjoy the good things in life.

Welcome to our world.

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The Campaign to Help

Boomers Enjoy Life

There is a compaign under way to help Boomers enjoy life more, and you have found the place on the web that has all the info about what is going on. The campaign is called Boomers Rock Again.

Here we tell about all the people, events, websites, blogs and books that are making it possible for Boomers to recall great things about our younger days and discover many things we can enjoy today.

This campaign was started by Sanford Holst and has been joined by active Boomers across the USA and in several other countries. 

Boomer Activities & Book

A number of events are in the works. But one thing the campaign has already produced is an entertaining and uplifting book. See the Boomers Rock Again book.

Boomer Blogs & Sites

Many imaginative Boomer blogs and sites are being updated frequently with posts that are supportive of Boomers' enjoyment of life. We keep on top of them in our Best Boomer Blogs and Sites section. We also feature individual blogs and sites from time to time.

Currently featured blog -- by Tracey in Northern California

Celebrity Boomers & Music

Some of the people who grew up beside us did very well, and we tell their stories in Our People. We also show music videos of the hottest songs and bands from our younger days in Our Music

Boomers are Everywhere

"I've gone to look for America," sang Simon and Garfunkel in 1972, and the Boomers who took that advice ended up in all fifty USA states from Maine to Hawaii. So I've gone to look for the Boomers who are still hanging in there, and here's how many I found in all those places. Boomer men and women in each state.

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and comments....

Thank you for making me smile today! I have to admit that I loved living during those times. Thanks again!

-- Sandy S, Big Rapids, MI

The man! The magic!  The moves are out of this world!  Luv and miss this great talent! [Michael Jackson video here]

-- B. B. Romero, Buchanan, NY

Boomers Rock Again

This highly entertaining book brings to life our rockin' earlier years and shows the things Boomers are doing today to enjoy life. Our memories, our music and 140 pictures make this a once-in a lifetime journey.

See Boomers Rock Again.

Current Concert Tours Near You

Fleetwood Mac

This classic band is now touring the USA and Canada until April 11, 2015. Then in Europe until July 11. Go Your Own Way but Don't Stop your Dreams, Rhiannon. See concert cities and ticket availability.


Are you thinking I Want to Know What Love Is? If so, maybe it's time to go see Foreigner. You're in luck: they're touring the USA and Canada until May 8, 2015. See concert cities and ticket availability.

Our Music, People and Interests

In these pages you find the music you love, people you know, and issues that affect your life today. Born during the Baby Boom years, our life is not just about where we've been, it's about where we are now, the things we're dealing with, and maybe finding some ways to make what comes next a little better. 

We may retire from working for others, but we can always be active working at what we love to do -- whether it is a golf swing, a book, a new career, or being a mentor to a troubled kid.  As Boomers, we are approaching the freedom that lets us take more control of our life, have a bit of fun, and maybe make a real difference.  

Boomers Life:

music, people and issues of interest to Boomers